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Jonathan Hochberg's BAD TRIP:
- "Satanic Overlord of Ithaca!" -


So just in case you can't figure out
Just what this is about
Besides (obviously) being guilty as hell
Of Criminal Menacing in the 2nd degree?

if anything should happen to me

Jonathan Hochberg's ass
Will be on the grill


so maybe
    he oughta tryta make sure that don't happen

- spontanopoesy courtesy annerose blayk - 2 Mar 2015

On this web page I offer the evidence of criminal behavior on the part of Jonathan Hochberg towards me - AnneRose Blayk - collected from my A/V captures the night of his menacing spree, September 5, 2014, including both audio and video of THE threat… "If you yell at me again, I'll take your head off… I will, I seriously will."

Now, the situation here was that I was already at The Dock, preparing a complex A/V rig to record my friends in M-Eleven and Mike Brindisi's excellent band the New York Rock… under a contract with Mike, where I would get in free in return for doing some A/V? Jonathan Hochberg comes in late, and plays the heavy, blocking my gear off with his own, pushing himself forward in a confrontational posture up into my face and blocking my path, and then, when I yell at him to get out of my way, he menaces me with the threat "Yell at me again, and I will take your head off."

He repeated this kind of menacing behavior four times that night, coming to yell at me even when I broke it off and told him not to pursue me. This left me upset but not totally freaked out… until I saw the video with him eyeing me sidewise as he put his gear in my way, glaring at me with intense hatred, checking out my position to make sure I wasn't getting hip to what he was up to as I hung my camera from the curtain rod, just minutes before he launched into his threatening behavior.

I sought to file menacing charges against Hochberg, but these were dropped to harassment on the claim by the cops that he had to "draw back his arm to strike me" in order to file a charge of menacing, so he could only be charged with harassment, and only as a "citizen's complaint" rather than a formal charge by the cops.

And now… the big thug who's working as a bouncer at The Dock is pulling the same shtick on me, engaging in MENACING behavior, striking me with his forearm repeatedly, exhibiting the same kind of cunning evasion of the intent of the law, where "it's not really menacing, which will get you a year in jail, it's just 'friendly harassment' that's barely worth a warning."

This is organized harassment, a campaign of threat brought against me, and you can bet I'm not setting foot in The Dock [STRIKE "or The Haunt until the proprietor does something to bring this bullshit to a halt!" substitute ->] EVER AGAIN!

Three rapes within 400 feet of each other, and I have HIT MY LIMIT of tolerance for the "tolerance of the intolerant" that now PERVADES Ithaca:

  1. My former wife, AnneMarie Whelan, had me raped by Dale Borst in what was my office space in our home at 721 W. Court St. on February 12, 1993; this CRIME was preconceived, planned, and executed on MY ass. YA BASTA.
  2. Sergeant Curatolo executed another, "virtual," rape on me on December 22, 1996, by tailgating me INTENTIONALLY at the foot of Cliff Street - where it was not possible to pull aside and allow the "maniac driver" behind me to pass - so he could file a charge of "Speeding" against me, preparatory to RAPING me with a set-up charge of DWI, where I had been given a spiked drink beforehand at Micawber's. YA BASTA.
  3. And finally, I was subjected to MENACING by Jonathan Hochberg and MINDFUCKED by Lenora Quvus acting in concert with Garry Bordonaro - "Be a man! Girls like that!" - on the occasion on September 5, 2014, where Lenora was my DATE and I was there for the joy of recording musical performances, which I will NEVER DO AGAIN, and to be Lenora's dance partner, and I say YA BASTA! ENOUGH!

Back in the 80's, I helped save that "dirtball bar" from DEMOLITION at the hands of the Route 96 "Plan C with Overpass" fans, who didn't care one bit what got wrecked on the West End of Ithaca as they pursued their "Holy Grail" of building "the world's longest hospital driveway," in the words I wrote at the time? YA BASTA:

What honor have I gained for standing up for others? NONE! And for these reasons, I care not if the genuine agents of Law and Order in our society FUCK YOU ALL: if you are charged with crimes accessory to these criminal acts, I will stand by and APPLAUD!

AnneRose Blayk at the "Save Pyramid Sound" protest against "wanton destruction enabled by 'construction projects'"

barmayden AnneRose Blayk
- CometMonger, and
-- Honorable Wife to Lenora Quvus

View this directory for the complete A/V recordings from the New York Rock gig at The Dock - 2014-09-05

AnneRose setting up her Kodak Zi8 camera at The Dock MP4 video 1.7 MB
JONATHAN HOCHBERG putting gear in my way MP4 video 4.4 MB
JONATHAN HOCHBERG's Beady Eyeball - Criminal Intent - Viewing this is what got me freaked out - see the glaring hatred in his eyes, as he shifts his gear around to prevent me from setting up my own gear! MP4 video 98 MB
And here JONATHAN HOCHBERG threatens me - "I'll take your head off!" MP4 video 98 MB
JONATHAN HOCHBERG getting weird for 13 whole minutes MP4 video 695 MB

Here's a screencap of the New York Penal Code prohibiting the crime of menacing; Hochberg engaged in this repeatedly that night, but there's only hard evidence (so far) of this one incident, so I'll leave it at Menacing in the Third Degree, a Class B misdemeanor which can draw up to six months in jail following a conviction.

Here's a screencap of the contract with Mike, as we negotiated it in Facebook chat. Hey, I get in to see the NEW YORK ROCK with my dance partner for free, a $14 value! Cool!

I went out and bought a replacement stepstool that night so I could get this job done; my old one had gone missing somewhere?

So I get home after these weirdass episodes of Jonathan going ballistic on me for no apparent reason at all, only to find that he has abruptly defriended me, so I can't engage in dialog online with him about these incidents… what the fuck?

Sure enough, the thuglet has defriended me!

"I'll take your head off!" - Googling this phrase will give you a little better idea of what's involved - "I'll take your head off, Vlad Impaler style" - and if you know anything about the Jehovah's Witness "organization" that is very active locally1, you'll be feeling a bit disturbed at the idea?

… ok, I take that back: you'll be feeling a lot disturbed at the idea, because one of the core tenets of doctrine according to the "Watchtower Society" that governs that church is that "Christ was crucified on a stake, not a cross…"


After a long session explaining to the police down at the Ithaca Police Department that I felt menaced, whether or not the cause of my fear comports with the technical definition of menacing that they are now "required" to follow in charging offenses because "case law holds that you have to draw your fist back to be found guilty of menacing," the officers charged Jonathan Hochberg with Harassment in the 2nd degree, to which he later plead GUILTY!

I wasn't informed of the court session at which he appeared, and he sleazed his way out of this SEVERE episode of menacing - because boy did I ever feel the menace, following the FOURTH TIME he stalked me at The Dock and refused to cease his bullying behavior until I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Jonathan Hochberg, MOVE AWAY FROM ME or I will call the police!" - by getting this pathetic Order of Protection filed along with the understanding that the minor charge of Harassment would be dropped if he was "well behaved" - "Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal."

… no one came to help me then; no one comes to help me now: I consider you Ithacans all, monsters in a village damned, complicit in a bizarre conspiracy which the authorities are sure to find loathsome in its entirety. Fortunately? Not all persons residing in Tompkins County are such "Ithacans" (spits).

AS IT TURNS OUT… ah, gee, I don't know how it's going to turn out yet: I've shared the relevant in-depth information I've developed on the tendrils of this criminal network as they pervade our community with folks in law enforcement; we'll see what they think of Jonathan Hochberg's "line of business" after they take a closer look into it.


AnneRose Blayk

[March 3 2015 and April 25 2016]

PS: UPDATE April 5, 2019: I did get some decent video recorded of my friends in the great revival of our old-school regional touring band Tokyo, M-Eleven… after I got Hochberg to get his stinkin' camera out of the way of my own camera's POV, which is something he likes to do even when he's not recording the band onstage!

So Hochberg goes around doing these videos, I'd seen him around - but he's really unfriendly and never introduces himself, so I didn't know who he was! So he shows up at The Haunt when the New York Rock were playing and puts his camera gear right in front of my camera's POV - and then, after I ask him politely to shift his camera over, he does… but then he sticks his (moronic) pair of SM-58s taped together to make a bullshit X-Y pair - see the tape hanging off it, over to the left of the frame?

So yeah, this is his shtick, and he really upped the ante on 9/5/14 without any warning at all that he would be going full-tilt GONZO on me!

Were we ever actually Facebook Friends? Yeah. He even "Liked" the photo of his older sister Jody that I have in my "Relationships" album - the girl with whom I was in love back in 1974, and spent a whole month with her and the rest of the Hochberg family here in Ithaca - so all of a sudden with no warning at all Hochberg is blocking me in, flanked by his gear and the stupid table he needed to set it up on, preventing me from setting up my MacBook to record digital audio from The Dock's Behringer X32 mixing board and quietly ranting at me about "1974! What about 1974!"

Yeah, what about it? All of a sudden there's a problem? - Oh yeah: he wanted me out of the A/V business, and was willing to threaten me in order to have his way!

You may or may not care … but this 18m25s video from August 22 2014 is among the last I made before Hochberg freaked out on me. It features our wonderful local psychedelic/spacerock band, the Infrared Radiation Orchesta and the wild psychedelic leads of Kim Draheim, along with special guests AnneRose Blayk and the amazing musical composer and performer, A.J. Strauss, founder of The Sutras.

Unfortunately Heidi doesn't kick in her contributions on the Theremin in these renditions of "I Am the Walrus," "Another Cup of Coffee," and the Ramones' POISON HEART, on which I sing and play guitar… but "not everything can be perfect!"

1. "Other rural purchases included a 220 hectare farm near South Lansing, New York…" - 220 hectares = 543 acres! - Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania - Wikipedia.

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