"BRAIN DAMAGE :: devoted to savaging the critical class since 1974!"

See therapyness for the best current information on the recurrent catastrophic interventions that have characterized my experience with "mental health services."

… and meanwhile, enjoy, "as you may," this highly informative page provided courtesy of Wikipedia on the drug PCP a/k/a phencyclidine a/k/a "Sernyl", and consider my invitation to hew to Nancy Reagan's recommendation if you are invited to partake of this substance, which is likely to cause BRAIN DAMAGE even in casual, "controlled" use - "Just say NO!"

I myself was not "invited" to use PCP… I WAS DOSED through the intentional contamination of marijuana procured on the black market, and as a consequence was in a state of RAVING MADNESS for five. whole. days. The solution for the problem of intentional poisonings of this kind?

LEGALIZATION and CONTROL, as with the market in alcohol. Cannabis is the safest of all "recreational" drugs known to science, and singling out those who use it for threats of imprisonment is an intolerable form of oppression!

I myself was not a "recreational user" of cannabis, but an "occupational user" - as I used to joke back when I was working at Cornell University? I used it for what were, unbeknownst to me, medicinal purposes, in a regular and reasonably controlled manner, in order to improve my mood, focus, and concentration, all of which provided immeasurable help in maintaining my ability to function as a MONSTER

Network Systems Programmer!

Thank you!

AnneRose Blayk - 3/7/16

- "Semper Fidelis"

"I thought I told you that pot smelled funny!"
- Alice H. Richardson LPN - sometime back in 2011

- Alice Richardson threw out the marijuana I had been smoking in April 2002 prior to becoming physically ill (and rather loopy?) after I had specifically noted - to her and to a police officer who interviewed me at the hospital - that I believed it might have been contaminated, and wanted to have it tested?
- Alice Richardson procured the marijuana I started smoking just a few days prior to my hospitalization on April 4, 2003, which I specifically requested be of lower-potency "commercial" grade rather than the stronger pot which she was buying for herself.
- Beneath a veil of eccentricity apparently linked to physical disability, Alice H. Richardson LPN is insane!

About PCP:

yes, that was me
except no handcuffs?

Initially, standing alone and naked in my pond for 20 minutes in 40° weather

A couple of days later? My CHIEF COMPLAINT to the Trumansburg Ambulance EMT after cooperating with getting some pants on:


Now this provides a straightforward procedure for identifying a person suffering from PCP intoxication when they show up at a police station: "PCP user? If you see a wet, naked guy in the station, wearing two pairs of handcuffs, that's a PCP user." Well, the difference between cops and "experts in mental health" is the "experts" don't have enough sense to put you in handcuffs - and generally lack a legal basis for doing so until you fuck up!? - and fail to put you under one-to-one observation even though you're obviously wacked out!, because?

… that's halfway normal in a mental hospital; it's too much work; they're understaffed; and besides, there's an upside potential there for a prolonged bout of "care and treatment" when an obviously intoxicated person inevitably fucks up!, and that would deprive the "experts" of the opportunity to make sure you are damned-well drugged-up in the manner they prefer! (cf. "zombified").

Other hints that one might have been exposed to PCP by being provided with marijuana that has been spiked with this dreadful shit?

- "I couldn't tell the difference until after I smoked."
- "if you start seeing demons, let me know, it was probably pcp."
- "It just doesn't happen unless someone wants to fuck with you."

- Provided courtesy Grasscity Forums:
   How can I tell if my weed is laced with PCP?

"Hey, you got anything better than that? 'Talk is cheap!'"

Well, recall how the Wikipedia article advises that "Adverse effects [of PCP] may include seizures?" After spending a few hours (unsupervised!) at the hospital in Ithaca, I board an ambulance down to Elmira and am suffering from physical seizures for the second time in my life… while sleeping!

And how about the "expert testimony" (LOL) provided under oath by the treating psychiatrist down in Elmira in this case? My impression is that Dr. Roberts is mostly OK (for a Mental Health Carepusher, who is willing to lie in order to be "co-operative"?), but had been pressured to conform to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder that would provide a justification for a prolonged bout of etc. etc. (Note how the EMT report for the ambulance down to Elmira cites "Reason for stretcher: Bipolar - Manic, long-term care"? When I had never been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder prior to being coerced into "treatment" down in Elmira in 2002? I've been set up!)

"It was -- it could have been a substance induced psychosis"
- April Roberts MD, April 24 2003,
in the court of Judge Hayden (p. 34).

It was.

And what did I say in a later appearance while under oath? I was honest: I admitted under cross-examination that I had been 1) hearing things 2) smelling sulfurous odors 3) everything tasted bad, and 4) that I had been suffering from distortions in vision!
Guess what? That's not pot, and it's not Bipolar Disorder either!

The Black Dog Institute of Australia specializes
in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder

I smoked pot for 20 YEARS without hallucinating!

NSFW: 'no duh' link MSI live NYC rawk!

"I'm still not convinced, especially 'coz I hit that last link, and thought it was rude, crass, impolitic, an insult to experts in mental health everywhere!, and moreover? I got written up by my boss for NSFW browsing!"

My sympathies for having a boss and all that, but you know what, PCP intoxication can be sheer hell, and I made contemporary notes?


"Got demons?" - you bet


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