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Alice H. Richardson of Lodi, NY - Eviction documentation - ABUSE

The following text is drawn from a document I prepared using a text editor in the course of my conversations with my mother and other people, as well as lists of contacts for repairs needing to be made to my home; up until today, it had been included in the Eviction documentation, but commented out.

I believe that many of the events and abusive behaviors it relates are quite relevant to the chain of abuse I have received from certain parties within the Office of Mental Health, as well as from some in the Ithaca community who have determined that I - based on imaginary crimes - piled atop my regrettable offense of arson, for which I was wholly acquitted as "innocent by reason of insanity," and my admittedly bad temper, which consists 99.99% in YELLING at people once in a while, which the estimable Dr. Bezirganian of the Tompkins County Mental Health (summarizing the core issues I have with my mental health) described as "episodes of crabbiness" - and since I, THE barmayden, have a baaaad sense of humor…

I MUST be a BAD person!


The records of conversations with my mother, Jean Cox Saunders, were made directly in the course of the interaction, so that I could get an accurate record of her verbal recollections of events; please note:

My mother had a KILLER memory, generally spot on… even better than mine. :-)

barmayden (Bonze) AnneRose Blayk
- Honorable Wife to Lenora Quvus

April 19, 2016
PS: This note was edited on May 14, 2018, without modification to the following report.
To summarize? Alice H. Richardson LPN is an abusive liar who suffers from Hoarding Disorder.

NOTE: NEW interpolations in the text are bracketed with '[[' and ']]'

Po Box 299
Trumansburg NY 14886-0299 


ALICE RICHARDSON brief Victim's List

Myself - Bonze Anne Rose Blayk - and very much in the mode of posing
hypotheses; conclusions may be drawn by others.  ???

Mary & Eric Ott - owners of the Rongovian Embassy - targeted with $1M
lawsuit after Alice "fell" down the steps there. - guitarist

Suzanne Palmer - 277-8357 - formerly of 111 W Hill Cir, Apt 1, Ithaca,
NY 14850, across from the hospital, where she complained Alice had
abandoned stuff in her storage unit which she could no longer afford.
One of my first "Where the hell is Alice?!!!" calls - Alice disappeared
on them after leaving stuff, just as with me.

Mike di Simone

Richard Saperstein - 8482 Main St., Interlaken, NY - guitarist

Kevin Charles - van-repair guy - gearhound

[UPDATE 7/31/14 - BARB]

Clint Swank (?) - had relationship - guitarist

Martha Parmenter - 2490 Parmenter Rd., Lodi, NY  14860 - co-signed
on the Health Care Proxy I made for Alice H. Richardson on 4/26/02 -
FIRST ER - MISSING FROM RECORDS?  PCP results, missing from records?
Records are from 4/27/02 - 5/2/02 RELEASE

Tim Thomas - MUTUAL FRIEND BY WHOM WE WERE INTRODUCED - now residing in Florida
	- Tim became ghastly ill for months and months - due to a CAT he adopted.
                - turned out, he was allergic to cats (can this allergy be induced?)
	- facial eruptions etc ??? hives ???  (I AM NOT A DOCTOR! lol)
	-	- did Alice induce him to take on a cat she provided?  PROBABLY
	- The furnace etc had all been turned inside out trying to
	-	remedy his health problems to no avail.


re:  1986 Route 96 Plan D with Overpass - some people WANTED the project
to take out "The Salty Dog" - "That dirtball bar?  Why not?"

City of Ithaca versus Pyramid Sound Studio (crypto Islamo-Nazis -
"Men At Work" - .2 haha.)

[END UPDATE 7/31/14]

"As it turns out, the phones were dead because the -- my phone wires had
somehow become waterlogged due to the down power." - p 100 Hayden hearing.

ALICE disconnecting the phone and blaming it on the rain, the cats
knocking the phone off the hook, on whatever.

This occurred frequently during my incarceration, and also over my
vacation at my brother Michael's house in San Francisco with my daughter
Rachel in early 2001.  

2014-07-28 - Recollections of Alice's conversation

ALICE - pimps used to slam their hookers' head against a door to damage
their right temporal lobe and make them more compliant and SLUTworthy -
which is what they did to me with the PCP (and other?) poisonings!

 - Alice talking up some kind of bizarre connection to Dolly Parton
 (through a local songwriter she had become "very good friends with") and
 implying that connection would improve my chances of [MASSIVE BOSOM???]

 - Alice with her weird oldschool drag queen walk, offering that (dumbass)
 plastic red belt, and talking about "developing your persona" - as
 a swish?  What?

Claiming "I knew all along you were transsexual - I just didn't mention

And that while she was "visiting" me at the EPC one time, some other
visitor said to her "You should tell your sister that electrolysis helps."

BANG - Another score for the G.T.A. !!! 

    G.T.A. = "Guild Transsexuels Assassins" - my entirely fictional 
    cultic guild of hash-tokin' Hitler-quotin' laser-totin' Nazibangin' 


    a core feature as "the worst TV pilot series of all time" 
    in the upcoming feature film ROCK ME -
    starring my formerly sweet self as megadolt rockhack "bonzi blayk!"

        LOLOL - bARB - 19 Apr 2016

- while still on Risperdal, I see a mousehole in the ceiling - and a mouse
looking down at me! - Alice tells me, "oh, don't worry - that's easy
to fix" - A STOCK LINE for her when damage SHE produces is discovered!
- Just like my hallway ceiling is drooping from the water SHE allowed
into the house, she informs me by pointing it out (at last, because I'm
supposed to think that -> I <- am to blame!), and says AGAIN "don't worry,
that's easy to fix!)

WRACK and RUIN for my home!

Alice is a DISEASE VECTOR - for Lyme? - building "rat traps" by bringing
in the rodents with food lures, and stocking it with what appear to be
stolen goods!

Coming in following the Red cat's demise - and weeping and moaning over
him (fat chance at that being genuine) and then going to bury him -some
other place- in Interlaken - the apartment she temporarily infested in
the supportive housing?


NB:  Alice had a sheep farm at her place in Lodi, NY.

		Bonze Anne Rose Blayk -> Walt Lorenzut

JUST figured out a piece of the puzzle - Alice had told me following
hospitalization (sometime?) that "I told them that if I had been your
girlfriend, -I- would have been able to calm you down!" - heard by ME
as a really bizarre brag

"If only I had been his girlfriend - I -would- have been able to
calm him down!"  - heard by hospital interviewer as frightened woman
reporting terrifying interaction with INSANE RAPIST lololol GOTCHA -
COLLUSION - similar bullshit reports were inserted into the LEGAL record
by Dr. Roberts! with crockola claims of "chasing young girls" when THEY
FUCKING LOVED ME (no wonder:  I DO NOT HARASS WOMEN uh, unless they're
asking for it.  LITERALLY! - bwahahahahah HAHAHAHAHA [maniacal laugh])

"Not since the post-salad days of Ayn Rand has anyone quoted herself as
relentlessly and pointedly as I!" - B.A.R.BLAYK - GLOBAL EMPRESS


"PS: My crusade as a Publicity Whore has a meaningful purpose! 
(girly-maniacal laughter rings through the contorted corridors of Blayk Heights)"

The Greenstar fire was a targeted hit.  ???
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RBmjhsiHhw - a fire set by a kid.  ???

Like the recent block fire in Ovid.  ! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFJgoa8klvo

Dr. P says "rent a dumpster, and get rid of it all!"  The cost?  TOO MUCH
- besides being illegal.

Renting a dumpster?  $500 

Cost per ton at Tompkins Waste facility
3 Tier Flat rates at the weight scales are as follows:
0-333 lbs.	$14
334-666 lbs.	$28
666-999 lbs.	$42
1,000 lbs. or greater	$85 per ton

Alice H. Richardson's request: put a notice in the Ithaca Journal that she died peacefully in her sleep...

"The state of New York is a bumbling senescent monster, and it's tripping over its own feet."  Alice

"I have never sought to impose my belief systems on my children..."

Mike diSimone - "friend" downtown - schizophrenic? - had to remove stuff fast

Alice - big tent? - under 
- come over with Roger - load clothes into racks - tomorrow
	or Saturday ... 
	and Sunday with truck

	Thomas is no longer available...
	"The fifteenth is making me a little crazy" - wants to cooperate
	"Very eager to get this done before the hot weather"

ca. 6/11

James Van Vliet
Alice needs to file papers for agricultural tax exemption for property
needs to be filed by March 1.  NOT YET FILED.

Will be coming to Ithaca Wednesday


- Kevin Charles vs. Alice Richardson -

Conversations with Kevin Charles - did odd jobs for Alice, including doing repair work on her vans

Kevin Charles rang my doorbell - as I was waiting for my then-boyfriend
to come over? - I spoke with him without opening the door.-) - he wanted
to talk about getting the vans from Alice.

I informed Alice of this via email.

Kevin Charles 425-5025 called to offer $300 for the vans... got a first
story barn which fell down, needs to store stuff.  [Kevin noted he had
lots of electronic gear in there - BARB added - 7/28/14]

Wants to take vans, maybe make deal on vans ...
Called KC and spoke with him: He's willing to cut trees down, will check
trailer belonging to Alice which I would like repaired in order to haul
trash to the county dump.

ca. 6/11, he just showed up ringing my doorbell - again. He had repeatedly
bugged me about allowing him to haul off the vans and offered some
kind of "certification" that he used to remove "abandoned vehicles",
which I examined and found legally inapplicable - since they required
that I state they were mine? (I consulted with Jim Baker on this, who
responded that he'd never heard of such documents.)  This time he bugged
me some more on this issue, complaining vociferously of being screwed by
Alice on some kind of deal he understood had been made, and complained
about spending "a hundred dollars on gas" over the past year or so,
to come up to "talk with me" - without calling me beforehand?  - dumb!)


Brit called 1/18/11 9PM 631-751-1113	Brit 631-588-2782


- Brit would like to get Alice's crap out of my house ... he has to deal
with his mother first. Will take Minx if I can get someone to take her
down to LI.

- Mother fell while out in CA and broke her hip... Carol will be in
rehab for another two weeks ... needs 24 hour care.

- "He went on for an hour about how Alice knows everything, and has become
someone you do not want to be around." - Brit is speaking of this fellow
Evan, a local with whom Brit is acquainted?

- Alice doesn't pick up her cell phone number

- The time Alice got drunk she got very very unpleasant and nasty with
Brit... ten years ago?

- Cool, Red and Minx some of the sickest animals Brit ever had... [He
has 50 cats!] Alice took them without his permission!

- Carol's boyfriend is an internet tobacco purveyor... he is NOT a
pornographer... currently! He did that while he was in Hawaii...

- Father died from acute alcohol intoxication - 16 oz. Beefeater 100
proof ... 4 hours before meeting a Dutch builder interesting in building
houses in America ... $$$

Garden City, NY

Brit 1/26 from Carol's repeating earlier message

Brit 1/29 "I'm behind you." Last spoke with Alice

2/14/11 - 631-751-1113 Called for Brit to ask again to see if we could
arrange for him to take Red (the cat) back. Joan - Alice's older sister
- answered, said they were on the way out the door for a root canal
appointment for Carol, said "we call Brit every day", I said I'd tried
calling Brit's phone, asked whether the correct number is 631-588-2782,
she said "if you say so", "Brit never comes over when I'm here."  -
Sheesh. What an asshole.

(I never could manage to make responsible arrangements with Brit to
take Red, since he thought I could just get someone to take him down
(via craigslist, my suggestion) and he would "meet them somewhere"
on Long Island with no prior arrangements; also, I decided that a guy
with 50 sick cats already was not going to take good care of Red, who
expired peacefully beside my bed in the morning of 4/13/12 after falling
SERIOUSLY ill. R.I.P. Red.


CONVERSATIONS WITH MY MOTHER, Jean Saunders, regarding Alice and
her behavior when my mother came up to try to help out after my
hospitalization in 2003. These notes were typed in during the
conversation, as I listened on my speakerphone.

Every time I brought up my mother, or on occasions when Alice brought her
into the conversation, Alice would make accusations towards my mother:
"She almost set my hair on fire!" - purportedly by turning on the gas
range while Alice's hair was near it. "She hit me while we were talking
with Meghan Lawrence at EPC!" - purportedly.

5/8/11 - Mom - Alice referring to "Kevin's behavior" ... referred to my
keeping Susan's former bedroom as a "shrine" ... Alice promoting turning
my house into a bed and breakfast; Alice gung-ho on the concept; that room
vital to the idea. What Alice did with clothes on bed, Mom does not know.

Mom doesn't know whose idea it was to move Susan's stuff.

>>> Alice claimed that she paid me $50 a month to live here <<<
>>> Truth is, she's never paid me the $50/month she offered to store stuff IN THE BARN <<<

in one tantrum she made this claim. Almost the last days that Mom was
there; she said she wanted to send papers to me, and asked for xeroxes:
THE SKY BLEW UP: what right do you have to ask me to do this, I pay
Kevin to stay here, Mom started up the steps, she followed her, Mom
started to cry, Alice continued her harangue.

Not even a path in Alice's room; Mom asked if Alice could answer telephone
NAP, NO I DO NOT WANT THE TELEPHONE... later later later, the next day,
Mom is in office area; message is on her telephone, Alice's mother has
called! Alice never apologized for not answering the telephone. Two or
three times a day something like that would come up.

Alice would not take Mom any place: "I AM NOT YOUR SERVANT!"

At one point she had been so upset, Mom thought she could not stay here
any longer; Alice came upstairs to continue her harangue; Mom agreed to
stay in that room.  


When she came the little round table had a lot of stuff underneath
it... a little piece of artwork was on the wall, cloth with figures on
it, which used to be hanging on the wall, left over from when I bought
the house. She moved it to the table... Alice YELLED "Why did you put
that dirty thing on top of my things... you've RUINED my things!"

Things like that happened every day. 


5/21/11 - Mom - Picture in the bathroom when Mom arrived... then she
took it down a couple of days after Mom arrived.

At one point Mom took a glass jar to use to put things in; Alice claimed
the jar, and refused to allow her to use any other jar.


10/8/11 - Mom - Alice told Mom that she had a scheme for doing a bed
and breakfast, having people stay overnight... that's why Mom cleaned
out Susan's bedroom, and boxed up her stuff.  

7/8/12 - Mom - In 2003 - Overnight Susan's clothes had been removed
from the top of the bed - Mom asked what happened to them, and Alice
said "they're gone"... they were bundled up and Alice put them in the
alcove/hanger space in the middle bedroom... [??? NOT CORRECT - since I
have just unearthed that space and the clothes there are the ones that
were there before? - BARB - 11/1/12]

Mom was short on clothing for her month-long stay at my home in April
2003, when I was institutionalized - Alice gave her pants, a coat, and a
silk blouse.. and when Mom's leaving she gave her the coat ... and then
asked whether she wanted the blouse, Mom said yes; and Alice said that
"OK, but I need the buttons..." - AND PROCEEDED TO SNIP ALL THE BUTTONS
OFF BEFORE giving her the blouse!


7/11/12 - Mom - Rachel Tedder died... Mom said something about losing a
friend, and Alice set up a memorial, and CLEARED the dining room table...


In memory of Rachel and one of Alice's friends, on Easter Day... and
then she put all her stuff back on the table! [Alice was using ~120 sq
ft of space to sort out stuff from her move, covering the kitchen table
with it also - see photos - BARB - 11/1/12]


Alice screaming at Mom for placing cloth wall hanging on her clothes... it
was underneath the desk, she removed it so she could use the desk. Alice
came up to Mom in my bedroom, she had thrown a fit earlier about Mom
moving stuff; she raves at her about "putting that dirty picture on top
of her things."



2003 - Blowups with Mom

2002 - Blows up when I questioned why she disposed of the pot I wanted
to have tested. I had told the folks at the hospital that my condition
might be due to smoking pot which had been tampered with; tested positive;
according to Alice, a police officer asked questions about this.

A major pot distributor out of Syracuse had just been busted, part of
what provoked my concern there.

I had asked Alice to explain why she disposed of MY marijuana, especially
since she knew I wanted it tested, and she was coming up with various
reasons for this; I then said BARB - "I just want the truth" Alice,
screaming - "I will not have my honesty questioned!" And on and on a
prolonged rant. Yet Another Blowup -  why?

2003 - Lies about disconnecting "all the appliances in the house" when
talking to the folks at the hospital, and false claims that I was "harming
myself" by "washing my hands with scalding water" and "scratching myself".

After going down to the hospital, while we were waiting in a room -
not in the ER, why I cannot say - she told me "You should vent if you
feel angry, it's better for your health to do so" - she comes from a
family with histories of stroke and had said she believed this many
times before - so I hit a towel dispenser.

Finally - THE BIG DEAL ABOUT FIBERGLASS and Alice's claims that I had
damaged the plumbing of my own house:

The Big Lie was one she told to me repeatedly when I was in the hospital
at EPC - that I had flushed fiberglass insulation down the toilet. I
had taken the insulation fron a vent between the floors to allow the
"sulfur creatures" up into the upstairs so I could destroy themÉwith a
long wooden switch? CRAZY! The nurse at EPC that I "assaulted" noted that
she had epileptic auras also when I talked with her later? ???) That's
how my hands got scratched up: handling fiberglass without gloves? DUMB

It was epic, the way she related it in her phone conversations with
me when I was in the hospital: Alice's struggle with the insulation
clogging the drains, repeated efforts to clear it with augers, to no
avail: sad, poor Alice doing her best to fix the damage caused by my
deranged behavior while I was insane A year after I was released, I
finally got around to cleaning the vent where the insulation had been
It was still there, all of it. I asked Alice, gosh, how is it that the
insulation is still there? I thought I had flushed it down the toilet?

She said: oh, it was not THAT insulation! It was this black stuff,
maybe from the drainpipes or something!

She forgot which lies she had told me. Always a risk. What was one of
the first indications I had that she lied to me - it took a long time
for me to conclude that it was chronic, and that she used this tack on
others - storing stuff in their space after "befriending" them - when
other people contacted ME to try to get in touch with her after she
"disappeared" from the relationship, leaving stuff on their premises
(e.g. Thomas Franciamone and Suzanne Palmer).

2008 - VERBAL ABUSE, repeated suicide threats, "I am going to have a
stroke!", etc. Prolonged fits of screaming at me, where she would not
allow me to retreat to my office for a respite - she would follow me
in; I was defenseless due to the drugs, combined with my impaired legal
standing, as a person still under psychiatric supervision by the OMH.

She represents others as "losing" it when she gets into these states,
e.g., Thomas Franciamone, ?, ? have now heard this so many times -
it's obvious how her tactics work. Insane, yes, but with predictable
results in isolating her "friends" from each other and allowing further

OTHER LIES told by Alice:

Telling me that she did not know how the corner of my 4-stall cinder
block garage was damaged (2-3 blocks were crushed in at the corner),
then telling me a year later that the fellow she had doing the snow
plowing did it.

Incident with the doorbell in 2011. (Avoidance issues)


3/3/13, 1PM


Thanked me for mailing her the papers I collected.

Roger died - the fellow who was helping out with Alice moving - trailer
fire - maybe sleeping with his legs out toward a heater

"Would like to compensate me" for all my help - blah blah 

>>> I told her that I believe she suffers from MPD, has an "evil alter"

"When I have this new will written" she'll sign some off for me blah blah.

"I cannot imagine trying to argue with you about anything!  LOL!

 she took up the issue of MPD with a neurologist, because I had related
 to her that I believed it was the case.

>>> I told her that IMO her entire family was "nuts".

"I am very appreciative of the papers you sent me."




Mom found a bag of medications in Susan's bedroom, and informed Alice,
who told her "I don't want to hear about it".



ALICE from "House" document - dating to 2008

	ALICE'S "AGENDA" that she freaked out over deviation from

(Cortland Memorial Hospital) Cortland Regional Medical Center

3-month list
   Review perimeter wiring house/yard

Energy audit
   Refrigerator subsidies sizes?
   Patio doors
   Attic soffits/ventilation
   Insulation/vapor barrier
      Studio #1,#2
      Attic -- check flashing/eave leaks
      Entry  ? overhang
          ? ramp

    Remove stuff from garage bay 
    Move van 
    Get lawn mowed 
    Clear small area around stove 
    Patch house roof
    Board up windows on pump house 
    Repair or board up windows at end of house 
    Fix broken cinder block on garage 
    Get lawnmower working

Alice Friday noon reminder:

   broken glass

   pack for Tom's
   log chain
   set traps
   review HWA
   hand cart

AM move
   sewing machine cabinets
   fish tanks
   potting soil

   Shaw Bros.
   fencing tied
   haul wood 
   fill north pump house

House list:
   stopper in bathtub
   ceiling in master bedroom
   flaking paint in office

Plumbing list:
   replace seal hall bath 
   check drains upstairs
   consider outside faucet   
   sump pump
      clear sump
      check electric
      check hot water heater

Masons work:
   entry water line
   pond side window wells
   garage floor


11/19/11 - Alice -
	Alice - Bag items in hall; use bins for items in guest bathroom, 
ONE REQUEST - some boxes made for the lamps upstairs, which are carefully
crafted for them... please save them.

	Alice - Bathroom FIRST

	- clear out sink area TOMORROW - MOVE pots and pans to barn
	  CALL Tompkins Housing - get sink and toilet upstairs fixed - 

	- clean out upstairs bathroom

	- dispose of trash in barn
	- move clutter blocking access to barn doors 

(cover open windows in barn)


FROM 2008 "Insurance Crisis"

*** Insurance

Flood insurance X Zone Preferred Risk Policy (PRP)
Determining Your Eligibility
To determine eligibility for PRP coverage, you and your insurance agent
will fill out a simple application together. Use this checklist to ensure
that you cover all of the eligibility requirements.

Personal Information: Your name, address and the address of the property
you want to insure (if different from your home address).

Property Information: Is your property residential, rental,
non-residential; one- to four-family; is it a mobile home?

Mortgage Information: Who is your lender and is flood insurance required
to close your loan?

Building Information: The construction date of your property and its
estimated replacement cost.

Coverage Selection: Select type of coverage either building and contents
or contents only 2and level of coverage.

Payment Options: Select method of payment: check, money order or credit
card. If you choose credit card, your card information and signature
are required. Payment is due to your agent when the insurance policy
is written.

Flood Insurance Claim History: Discuss whether any flood claims have
been made or disaster assistance payments received on your property.

Flood Zone: The location of your property on the current flood map.

Underwriting Association (NYPIUA): is a pool of insurance companies
writing fire insurance in New York State. It offers fire and extended
coverage, as well as coverage for vandalism, malicious mischief and
sprinkler leakage to consumers who are unable to purchase this type of
insurance from individual insurance companies. Address: 100 William
Street, New York, NY 10038 Phone: (212) 208-9700 Toll Free: (800)
522-3372 Website: www.nypiua.com

HAVING DIFFICULTY WITH YOUR CARRIER? New York State Insurance Department
Consumer Services Bureau Address: 25 Beaver Street, New York, NY
10004-2319 Phone: (212) 480-6400

*** Painting

house 170' X 30' one gallon of stain to cover 200 sq. ft. 400 * 18 7200 7200 / 200 36 36 * $20 * 2 1440

12/98 Wisc. painting barn exterior (wall surface) painters $16.00/hr. $.40
- .60 sq. ft. or 5000 sq. ft. barn (wall surface) $2,000 - 3,000
Approximate gallons of stain for one-coat = {House Perimeter (ft.)}
x {10 (ft.)} x {# Stories} x {.085} / {Spread Rate (sq. ft./gal.)}

Behr Accent Base, 5 Gal Deck Plus¨ Solid Color Deck&Siding
Stain Spread Rate 200-400 sq.ft./gallon $103 5 g. HomeDepot:

free estimate call,
   607 280 9027

Painting (interior or exterior) (Trumansburg /Ithaca)

Paint & Stain Guys (Lansing/Ithaca) Insured

exterior and interior painting (ithaca ny) insured
   Robert White Painting    

Interior and exterior painting services offered in the Ithaca NY
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free estimates

CALL 607-863-4570

Schafer Painting Services  Call us today at 607-240-7362 and ask for Carl. 

Will break my back and not your wallet (PAINTING) (Tompkins County)
Reliable and money conscience. Quality work and customer service.Will
probably beat any estimate. Snap Krackin' Enterprises (607)342-6372
ALSO Landscape/mow, additions, painting, siding, decks, garbage,
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*** Carpentry

Skilled carpenter  Matthew Spano  277-1003

Joel @ (607)229-8234  BRUSH & HAMMER (fully insured)

*** Tree Service (Groton)

Tree surgery. Take downs. Free estimates within 30 mile radius. 607-423-9400

Sean Farrell's Tree Care (Tompkins County)   564-3505

Peter DeMott | Gutter work | 277-6932 Peter DeMott | Labor: physical |
277-6932 Peter DeMott | House Painting: 15 yrs. Exp. | 277-6932 Peter
DeMott | Roofing | 277-6932 Peter DeMott | Tree trimming & removal |
277-6932 6/20 called, will be back in town on Saturday 6/21 called,
left message

Mr Outside 118 Dey St, Ithaca - (607) 273-1001

A Plus Mowing & Landscaping Overall Customer Rating:   Call Now: (866)
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Cutting Edge 2035 E Shore Dr, Lansing, NY? - (607) 533-7569

*** Masonry

Carl's Masonry
"People at Spike's restaurant said you might be able to help out"

Masonry Repair: I have years of experience in Masonry Repair  Fully
Insured, Free estimates  Contact: James Hari @ 607-379-0752

*** Brush Hogging

Do you need brush hogging, power washing or any other type of household
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*** Potholes

NYSDOT Highway Maintenance Office  (518) 457-6435 Tompkins County
Highway Dept.  274-0300 6/9 ref. to NYSDOT 756-7072 will check out
entrance conditions

6/18 Bill Sheffield 756-7020 called and said it's not their responsibility
Permit required to work on driveway call 756-7072

6/18 called Bob Mindel we'll continue to provide fill
   call in three weeks regarding gravel layer (share $?) UPS 800-742-5877
	6/20 called UPS customer service and let them know we're trying
	to repair potholes and that driver speeds have been excessive

6/27 Bill Sheffield (592-2002) called to reiterate the entrance is our
responsibility and suggested crush-and-run or a blacktop apron (which
requires a permit from NYSDOT)

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