Personal Library Holdings on War and Espionage - 3/20/97

Bonze Anne Rose Blayk (F/K/A "Kevin Eric Saunders a/k/a bonze blayk")

A History of Militarism, Civilian and Military (Revised Edition).  Alfred Vagts.  

A History of the Second World War.  B. H. Liddell Hart.  

A Legislator's Thoughts on World Issues.  Senator J. William Fulbright.  

Afrika Korps.  Major K. J. Macksey, M.C..  

Alamein and the Desert War.  ed. Derek Jewell.  

America Can Win:  The Case for Military Reform.  Gary Hart with William S. Lind.  

America's Army in Crisis:  A Study in Civil-Military Relations.  William L. Hauser, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army.  

Coup d'Etat:  A Practical Handbook—A Brilliant Guide to Taking over a Nation.  Edward Luttwak.  

Defeated:  Inside America's Military Machine.  Stuart H. Loory.  

Dispatches.  Michael Herr.  

East and West.  C. Northcote Parkinson.  

From War to War:  The Arab-Israeli Confrontation, 1948-1967.  Nadav Safran.  

How Weapons Work.  ed. Christopher Chant.  

How to Make War:  A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare (All the World's Weapons, Armed Forces, and Tactics) Updated Edition.  James F. Dunnigan.  

Includes a conscise description of the threat of biological warfare:  “Biological warfare sounds like divine retribution.  No one really wants to unleash weapons that can so easily get out of hand.  Both Russia and America have them, and neither seems eager to use them.” 

I Led Three Lives:  Citizen, Communist, Counterspy.  Herbert A. Philbrick .  

Inside the Company:  CIA Diary.  Philip Agee.  

Is The Cold War Over?  A New Look at Communist Imperialism.  Anthony Bouscaren.  

Jane's Aviation Review, Third Year of Issue.  ed. Michael J. H. Taylor.  

Machine Age Armies.  John Wheldon.  

Masters of Deceit.  J. Edgar Hoover.  

Mein Kampf.  Adolf Hitler.  

Militarism, U.S.A.  Colonel James A. Donovan, U.S.M.C (Ret.) .  

Modern Arms and Free Men:  A Discussion of the Role of Science in Preserving Democracy.  Vannevar Bush.  

Modern Tanks and Fighting Vehicles.  David Miller.  

Modern Warfare:  A French View of Counterinsurgency.  Roger Trinquier (foreword by Bernard B. Fall).  

Mushroom:  The Story of the A-Bomb Kid.  John Aristotle Phillips and David Michaelis.  

National Defense.  James Fallows.  

On Strategy:  A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War.  Harry G. Summers, Jr. Colonel of Infantry.  

On War.  Carl von Clausewitz.  

On the Meaning of Victory:  Essays on Strategy.  Edward N. Luttwak.  

Panzer Battles:  The Classic German Account of Tank Warfare in World War II.  Maj. Gen. F. W. von Mellenthin.  

Panzer Leader:  The Classic Account of German Tanks in World War II—By the Commander of Hitler's Panzer Corps in Russia.  Heinz Guderian, Chief of the German Army General Staff.  

Pentagon Partners:  The New Nobility.  C. Merton Tyrell.  

Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare:  The CIA's Nicaragua Manual.  “Tayacan,” ed. 

Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair (with the Minority View) Abridged edition.  Daniel K. Inouye and Lee H. Hamilton, ed. Joel .  Brinkley and Stephen Engelberg.  

Revolt on the Campus.  M. Stanton Evans.  

Rockets, Missiles, and Men in Space.  Willy Ley.  

Self-Destruction:  The Disintegration and Decay of the United States Army during the Vietnam Era.  Cecil B. Currey ("Cincinnatus").  

Someone Had Blundered:  A Historical Survey of Military Incompetence.  Geoffrey Regan.  

Strategic Atlas:  A Comparative Geopolitics of the World's Powers.  Gerard Chaliand and Jen-Pierre Rageau.  

Susan happened to pick up on this one. Interesting woman, huh?

Strategy:  The Classic Book on the Military Strategy of the "Indirect Approach".  B. H. Liddell Hart.  

The American Civil War.  Peter J. Parish.

The Arrogance of Power.  Senator J. William Fulbright.  

The Art of War.  Sun Tzu (trans. Samuel B Griffith, foreword by B. H. Liddell Hart).  

The Art of War.  Sun Tzu (trans. by Thomas Cleary).  

The Bluejacket's Manual.  1944.  US Naval Institute.  

The Bluejacket's Manual.  1968.  US Naval Institute.  

The Button:  America's Nuclear Warning System—Does It Work?  Daniel Ford.  

The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence.  Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks.  

The Complete Wargames Handbook:  How to Play, Design, and Find Them.  James F. Dunnigan.  

The Defense Game:  An Insider Explores the Astonishing Realities of America's Defense Establishment.  Richard A. Stubbing with Richard A. Mendel.  

The Disasters of War.  Goya.  

The Face of Battle:  A Study of Agincourt, Waterloo and the Somme.  John Keegan.  

The First Casualty:  From the Crimea to Vietnam:  The War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker.  Phillip Knightley.  

The German Generals Talk.  B. H. Liddell Hart.  

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution.  Bernard Bailyn.  

The Iliad.  Homer.  

The Japanese Art of War:  Understanding the Culture of Strategy.  Thomas Cleary.  

The Man Who Kept the Secrets:  Richard Helms and the CIA.  Thomas Powers.  

The Minutemen.  J. Harry Jones, Jr..  

The leader of this right-wing terrorist anti-U.S.-government organization boasted in 1965  (probably accurately) that he had the capability to unleash lethal plagues globally by infecting himself, going to Kennedy Airport, and sneezing on people.  I first read this book in 1972.

The Origins of the Second World War.  A. J. P. Taylor.  

The Pentagon and the Art of War.  Edward N. Luttwak.  

The Pentagonists:  An Insider's View of Waste, Mismanagement, and Fraud in Defense Spending.  A. Ernest Fitzgerald.  

The Permanent War Economy:  American Capitalism in Decline.  Seymour Melman.  

The Persian Wars.  Herodotus.  

The Politician.  Robert Welch.  

The Puzzle Palace:  Inside the National Security Agency, America's Most Secret Intelligence Organization.  James Bamford.  

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.  Paul Kennedy.  

The Roots of American Foreign Policy.  Gabriel Kolko.  

The Secret Government:  The Constitution in Crisis.  Bill Moyers.  

The Shape of Wars to Come:  The Inside Story of the Secret Weapons that are Being Designed and Tested Now.  David Baker.  

The War Business:  The International Trade in Armaments.  George Thayer.  

The Wizards of Armageddon.  Fred Kaplan.  

To Win a Nuclear War:  The Pentagon's Secret War Plans.  Michio Kaku and Daniel Axelrod.  

V-2:  The Nazi Rocket Weapon.  Walter Dornberger.  

Victory in Space.  Otto O. Binder.  

War.  Gwynne Dyer.  

War In the Modern World.  Theodore Ropp.  

War Without Weapons:  Non-Violence in National Defense.  Anders Boserup and Andrew Mack.  

War and The Intellectuals:  Collected Essays, 1915-1919.  Randolph S. Bourne, ed. Carl Resek.  

Will The Soviets Rule During the 1980s? .  Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr..  

With Enough Shovels:  Reagan, Bush, and Nuclear War.  Robert Scheer.  

With the Contras:  A Reporter in the wilds of Nicaragua.  Christopher Dickey.  

Worker's Paradise Lost.  Eugene Lyons.