01. 1994 1668 Trumansburg Rd - Living Room  The kitchen and living room ca. 1994. DSCN8820 Aluminum ladder caught in rake - labelled  This is the photographic image I share with people to give them "the idea of what this is about", and provide the link to this album.  I was out in the garage clearing it out, and tugging on the aluminum ladder here to get it off the top of a heap of Alice's crap… it wouldn't move.  TUG… it's just not moving!  What?  Then I looked closer, and WTF!  To me, this is like an X-ray of Alice's interiority, her personality shorn of her smarts and presentation skills… this is dangerous to deal with, folks… Alice H Richardson - Consider the Difference between HOARDING + ENGINEERED SCARCITY  A cryptic note from Alice Richardson… to herself.  If you can figure out what this means, let me know, OK? 1986-09-01 Alice Richardson - Eviction Letter from Charles Liebson  A letter to Alice I came across while sorting through her stuff stored amidst the assorted trash and garbage she abandoned in the Far Studio; "speaks for itself."

2003-04 1668 House Photos - Just railroaded into EPC - DECENT Condition

Photos taken by my mother; Alice has been sharing my residence for about 4 years at that time. - BARB

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2003-04 1668 Inventory of Susan's possessions - Jean Saunders diary

My mother took an inventory of Susan K. Hamann's possessions and kept a diary, which also alludes to the verbal abuse she received from Alice Richardson at the time. - BARB

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2010-05 1668 - RATHOUSE - House Photos - After Alice and OCCUPATION

The condition of my home in 2010. APPALLING.
"A house is not a storage facility". - BARB

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- RATHOUSE - 2011-10-06 - 2011-12-08 1668 - CLEANUP

Photos of my progress in clearing trash, garbage, and "stuff" out, and cleaning up. Because I had no funds, I had to wait for a year to get my partial payout from SSI back payments owed in order to cover expenses, including retaining a lawyer. - BARB

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2011-12-09 - 2012-05-07 1668 House Cleanup

Photos of my progress in clearing trash, garbage, and "stuff" out, and cleaning up. - BARB

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2012-05-12 - 2012-07-24 1668 House Cleanup - Alice Removing Stuff

Starting in May of 2012, Alice Richardson at last began moving stuff out, although repeated promises that she will arrange for hired help with a truck to move large quanitites of her possessions out have not been kept.

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2012-08-01 Kitchen Sink Damage and Repair

My friend David Roth helped me replace the pipe that suppies hot water to the kitchen sink.
And oh, another couple of pictures of the woodpecker hole in the upstairs bedroom, which I still haven't fixed.

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