September 25, 2003

Members Present:  Richard Coogan (Chair), Lorren Hammond, Rose Hilbert, George Kennedy, Mark Ochs, Rodney Porter.  Also, Alex Rachun, Code Enforcement Officer; Eileen Jacobs, Planning Board Clerk; Tim Maguire, and members of the public.

Member absent:  David Tyler (excused)

Chair Coogan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Public Hearing - Route 96 Self-Storage

Additional materials for this project were submitted by Mr. Timothy Maguire and reviewed by the Planning Board.  These materials included details on proposed lighting which are 50-watt high pressure sodium lights with reflectors to be installed on the buildings at a level of 8 feet or lower.  Also, Mr. Maguire is proposing to install a 350-foot wood fence at 8 feet high on the northeast boundary to reduce noise and light for the residential area.  A sample lease was also provided which lists conditions for use of the storage units so that activities other than storage of personal property are prohibited.

There was discussion regarding the proposed lighting (dusk to dawn), and outdoor lighting standards as proposed in the draft zoning ordinance for the Town of Ulysses were referenced.  It was noted that the lighting being proposed for this project is at the minimum recommended by the engineering society for the safety and welfare of people using the facility.  

Mr. Rachun, Code Enforcement Officer, commented that the proposed wooden fence, at the height of eight feet, would need a separate building permit, and also might be subject to site plan review due to its length.  Fences of six feet or lower do not require building permits.  Mr. Maguire indicated that he would like to amend his proposed fence to be six feet high.

A drainage ditch of seven to eight foot around the perimeter of the property is proposed. There was discussion of whether his was adequate or feasible to address the issue of standing water on the property and runoff to adjacent properties.  Mr. Maguire was asked whether eave troughs were considered to help direct rain water.  He indicated that he didn’t believe that they would be effective, and that vehicles frequently run over them; he said that underground tile will be installed and water runoff from the roofs will not go into adjacent properties.  

At 7:50 p.m. Chair Coogan noted the legal advertisement from the Ithaca Journal concerning this matter and opened the public hearing.  Mr. Coogan first read a letter from Kevin Eric Saunders, 1668 Trumansbug Road into the record (copy attached).  The letter concerned zoning, setback, drainage, standing water, silt fence, lighting, and illegal dumping.  

Mr. David Gattan, 1640 Trumansburg Road, who lives to the south of the project, spoke to the Board regarding lighting schedule, light spillage, light reflective surfaces, building color, visibility of building, drainage, fencing or vegetative barrier on the south.

Mr. Sa Deljoo, owner of 1654 Trumansburg Road, was concerned about access to the rear of the site. 

Ms. Alice Richardson, 1668 Trumansburg Road, was concerned that the project map doesn’t reflect the actual grade, that it would appear that drainage would naturally go toward Route 96, but that is not the actual condition.  She was also concerned about standing water (esp. West Nile virus), and whether ditches would be dug below the existing grade. 

Chair Coogan closed the public hearing at 8:12 p.m.

The Planning Board resumed discussion of the project, and there was further discussion regarding the drainage and standing water issue.  There were many thoughts on how water might be diverted.  Mr. Maguire stated that he will guarantee that there will not be standing water on his property, nor will drainage be diverted onto adjacent property owners.  He is hiring an engineer, and will utilize his expertise to address the drainage and standing water issues.

There was a discussion regarding the existing vegetative buffer along the front of the northern property line.  It was believed that most of this vegetation originates on the property of the neighboring property currently owned by Francis O’Pray.  There was discussion regarding the possible future removal of this vegetation by either Mr. O’Pray or future owners of that property.  It was agreed that maintaining a vegetative buffer along that property line was essential for the residential area, and that its removal would necessitate replacement.  Mr. Maguire agreed that if the vegetation were ever removed, and if replacement were requested by the owner of the property to the north, he would replace the vegetation as specified by the Planning Board.

Mr. Hammond moved the following resolution:

The Town of Ulysses Planning Board hereby approves the site plan for the proposed storage units to be constructed at 1658 Trumansburg Road, in the Town of Ulysses as submitted by Timothy J. Maguire on behalf of Maguire Family Partnership. The approval shall include the initial application to develop tax parcel 34-3-11.1 submitted on August 25, 2003, and additional materials submitted September 25, 2003, and is also contingent on the following:

The water will be contained on Mr. Maguire’s property and directed toward Route 96, and drainage will be constructed in such a way as to prevent all runoff to adjoining properties and in a way that will prevent standing water for more than 24 hours.

The eight-foot high wood fence that Mr. Maguire has proposed to install on the northeast boundary has been amended to be six feet in height.

In the event that the existing vegetative buffer along the northern property line, extending from the Route 96 ditch to the near end of the to-be-erected fence, dies or is removed for any reason, Mr. Maguire, or the then property owner, shall cause a replacement buffer to be planted.  This buffer shall be installed within one year of a request for such by the adjacent property owner to the north and maintained thereafter.  It shall be comprised of evergreen plantings that shall attain a height of six feet at minimum, and shall grow to touching, both within three years of planting.

The color of the building shall be slate gray and the roof and doors shall be evergreen (Varco-Pruden colors).

The motion was seconded by Mr. Kennedy, and approved unanimously.

Mr. Coogan  aye
Mr. Hammond  aye
Ms. Hilbert  aye
Mr. Kennedy  aye
Mr. Ochs  aye
Mr. Porter  aye

Other Business

The Minutes of September 10, 2003 were reviewed, and approval without revision was moved by Porter, seconded by Ochs, and carried unanimously 6-0.

Mr. Kennedy informed the board that he had obtained a map of the national wetlands inventory, which includes half of Ulysses, and the Tompkins County unique natural areas map.  The board would like to review these maps at a future meeting to discuss the feasibility of proposing to the town board that the maps be incorporated into the town’s zoning ordinance. 

The Planning Board agreed to meet on September 29th at 7:00 p.m. to work on the Site Plan Review and Design Standards portions of the proposed zoning ordinance.

Chair Coogan noted that at the next regular Planning Board meeting on October 8th, Flotech will be on the agenda.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Eileen Jacobs
Planning Board Clerk