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"BRAIN DAMAGE :: devoted to savaging the critical class since 1974!"

See therapyness for the best current information on the recurrent catastrophic interventions that have characterized my experience with "mental health services."

… and meanwhile, enjoy, "as you may," this highly informative page provided courtesy of Wikipedia on the drug PCP a/k/a phencyclidine, and consider my invitation to hew to Nancy Reagan's recommendation if you are invited to partake of this substance, which is likely to cause BRAIN DAMAGE even in casual, "controlled" use - "Just say NO!"

I myself was not "invited" to use PCP… I WAS DOSED through the intentional contamination of marijuana procured on the black market, and as a consequence was in a state of RAVING MADNESS for five. whole. days. The solution for the problem of intentional poisonings of this kind?

LEGALIZATION and CONTROL, as with the market in alcohol. Marijuana is the safest of all "recreational" drugs known to science, and singling those who use it through threats of imprisonment is an intolerable form of oppression!

I myself was not a "recreational user" of cannabis, but an "occupational user" - as I used to joke back when I was working at Cornell University? I used it for medicinal purposes, in a regular and reasonably controlled manner, in order to improve my mood, focus, and concentration, all of which provided immeasurable help in maintaining my ability to function as a MONSTER

Network Systems Programmer!

Thank you!

AnneRose Blayk

Updated 3/7/16